Terence sams


Terence Sams is a unique and dynamic motivational speaker who empowers generations with a thought provoking, entertaining


message of hope, self-worth and the belief that if you Change your Mindset, you’ll Change your LIFE.


Terence Sams has been a guest on Roland Martin’s News One Now and Fox News’ Good Morning DC.

When you need your event to be a success, you need to be able to rely on your speaker to meet your need and to deliver on their promise.


Terence provides insights and strategies to allow your audience to move forward with confidence. He will take you on an enlightening


journey that will help your audience understand the importance of leadership, responsibility,


challenge and change. Terence Sams promises the right message for your audience and its circumstances.  His  rare  motivating style will


cause you to think more carefully about taking responsibility for your own words, thoughts and deeds.

Everything begins with a thought. Our thoughts are the only thing we control. Either we control them or


relinquish our GREATEST gift to others!


Terence Sams

Upper Marlboro, Md.

(240) 418-1743



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