Meet Terence

At an early age, Terence Sams understood the importance of one’s perspective of life and how it can shape your reality. Terence came from humble beginnings, raised in Lakeland, Florida with 6 brothers and 7 sisters. Wanting to better his life he decided to join the US Navy, where he served for eight years. After fighting in Iraqi Freedom, he had a desire to speak and teach but was afraid to step out in unfamiliar territory.  Terence found the courage to push through and activated his passion in 2006 when he unexpectedly lost his Father in a car accident, Sister to Cancer and Mother to heart failure, all within a four month period. Confused, hurt, broken, Terence was faced with the question of how to make a mental shift to endure the pain. He began to focus his energy on self- development and helping others reach their greatest potential.
Terence quickly learned that the most important element to success is how we respond to our life’s story. If you change your mindset; you can change your life!




Terence Sams

Upper Marlboro, Md.

(240) 418-1743


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